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About Us

Don C. Taylor Associates, LLC is a full service, licensed, bonded and insured private detective agency serving insurers, the legal community and public throughout New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Our firm was founded in 1979 by Don C. Taylor, a former Equifax claims manager, who was joined in 1980 by Michael D. Dickey, a former Equifax claims supervisor. Our firm was begun to meet the needs of insurance claims adjusters and defense attorneys by providing individualized services, rather than a corporate-wide, one-size-fits-all business model.

We know that successfully representing clients requires understanding THEIR needs. Only then, can we use our training and extensive experience to deliver cutting-edge solutions. We recognize that each of our client's expectations may be diverse; therefore, we are always diligently focused on their objectives. Combining our expertise, responsiveness and energy, we can be partners in their success.

Our service-driven approach to investigations is the foundation of our firm’s success and has fostered a reputation for excellence and client satisfaction.


Mr. Taylor retired in 2014 and the firm is now managed by Michael D. Dickey and Cynthia L. Dickey (nee Taylor). Both Cynthia and Michael are New Jersey Notary Publics.

Michael D. Dickey

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Mike began his professional career in 1973 in law enforcement, serving as a decorated municipal police officer and a county prosecutor’s investigator. Several areas of his specialized training have direct insurance claim applications.

Professional training includes criminal investigation, narcotics, interrogation and interviews, traffic accident investigation, traffic studies, arson investigation, surveillance, workers compensation investigations, life insurance claims, personal injury claims, and property casualty claims.

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Cynthia L. Dickey

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During college, Cindi began working for her father (Don Taylor) at Equifax, and that is where she met Michael. In 1980, she and Mike joined Don C. Taylor Associates.

When her father retired in 2014, Cindi and Mike dedicated themselves to a seamless transition and the continued excellence in customer service which their clients have come to expect. While managing the office, she is also the company's inside Claims Investigator.